Valentine's Day 2019

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Cortez's Sister's Car Accident

In the early hours of the day, as Renee, Cortez's sister, was driving to work, she was rear-ended when pulling out onto a highway. The car was then thrown into a nearby bank, which caused the vehicle to roll over and back onto its wheels. The police soon arrived and concluded that, despite women being terrible drivers, the other party was at fault in the accident. Renee sustained minor damages to her exterior, though the same can not be said for her Jeep. In the end, everyone was okay.

On February 22nd, Renee received a driving citation in the mail as a result of the crash.

Dax's Breakup

Artist representation of the break up and Dax's reaction.

Everyone knows that Valentine's day is the worst day to break up with someone, everyone but Volleyball, Dax's most recent ex-girlfriend. During school, Volleyball confronted Dax and broke up with him on the spot. Dax was confused by this; as he thought that their relationship was fine, but apparently, he was wrong. She then later, at the end of 7th period, entered a senior's car. Dax has yet to uncover who this individual is, and doesn't really care to know.