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Swift looking at his camera at the right time in a discord call.

Cashton, commonly known by his alias, Swift, is infamous for putting over 2.5 thousand hours into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Despite the game consuming all waking hours of his life at one point, today he has got over his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive addiction. Swift is also known for his distinctly high pitched voice.

CS:GO Addiction and Introduction to Deadlock

CS:GO Addiction

His Counter-Strike addiction started in 2015, though he first got the game in 2014. Before then, he was a 'Professional Minecraft PVPer', and he spent many days slaughtering children in Skywars. Eventually, he started getting bored and his friend Wolfie asked him to play CS:GO. He started playing on the first day of Operation Bloodhound. After that, he grinded until the late hours of the night every day, even during school. Despite his efforts, he never got out of low silver. One night, before he went to bed, a friend offered to boost Cashton's rank in the game, and he agreed. The next day, Swift, unfortunately, got a VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) ban on his Steam account, and from that point forward he begged his mom for a new account. After days of begging, she eventually obliged his request.

Introduction to Deadlock

Swift as a small lad.

As soon as he purchased the game on his second account, he began grinding the game harder than ever before. He soon became Silver 4 and began flexing on his low silver friends and leaving them. After a while, Cashton started getting lonely but continued improving at the game, getting to Silver Elite Master. It was then that he ran into a group of friends, comprised of, Eclipse, Gage, Hammy, and Blaine. Swift, wanting to be a friend the group, he asked Hammy to invite him to the Discord, and Hammy agreed. This is when he met Cortez and Diversity, who he remains good friends with to this day.

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