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ShadowSlayer, also known as Lathen, is a peculiar member of Deadlock, only joining the server and participating in Deadlock events scarcely. This is most likely due to him having literally anything better to do.

Introduction to Deadlock

ShadowSlayer was introduced to Deadlock when he met Cortez and a few others while playing the high-quality game Blood and Bacon. He was invited to the Discord Server and soon became a somewhat prominent member, even being in the first Deadlock Podcast.

Shadow and his PokéGirl

Sometime during 2017/18, Shadow, when teaching a class, met his PokeGirl. She got her name from Cortez since he's extremely uncreative and she had an Eevee profile picture. Shadow talks to her every day on Instagram, but has a miraculous ability to not date her no matter how hard he tries.