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Notable, important, or funny quotes said by anyone, ever.

Shylor: You guys should make a channel that is just quotes.
Cortez: Sounds like a wiki page.
Matthew: Just because you are thirty doesn't mean you are a pedophile.
Jt: If I had to be killed by Hitler or Stalin, I'd be walking into the chamber already.
Matthew: I'm not a big fan of thighs.
Matthew, (speaking about Anna): Dax, you know I was always secretly jealous of that.
Dax: You know they call me the Fatal Half Inch.
Swift: Manipplelate.
Jt: We need to revoke his microwave.
Kenny: Imagine having a Longneck Girrafe as a pet.
Jt: Are there Shortneck Girrafes?
Kenny: There are Flamingos.

Dax: Have you ever thought about using a prolapsed anus as a fleshlight?
Kenny: I didn't force it out it just came!
Dax: So Kermit the Frog can stop time is what I'm hearing?
Matthew, speaking about his balls: I do wash them.
Literally everyone except Matthew: Wrestling is Gay.
Blaine, after being asked how much he would have to get paid to suck a pp: I mean, if he's cute, for free.