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Young Matthew.
"I'm not a big fan of thighs"
- Matthew, unfortunately.

Slavo, more commonly referred to as Matthew, is known to be the worst player formally in the Deadlock Clan. He has a bad sense of humor but can pull a joke every now and then that hits with the fellow Deadlock members. Blaine and Dax are generally his best friends in the Deadlock Clan, and he can always manage to get them to laugh with the word 'shid' or 'fard' (Or just sending pictures of Michael, that works too). Matthew joined Deadlock through Thedankclank12 in the climax of the 'Golden Age', with Dax and Noah.


Matthew Leaving The Discord

Starting in early 2019, Matthew started leaving the server whenever people disagreed with him. This incident peaked in early May when he left for the zillionth time after people criticized him for making an ass of himself. He joined back the following day, proving that this is getting really old.

Matthew's Questionable Temper and Breaking of Tech

Matthew definitely has a temper, and as the second youngest person in the Clan is one of, if not, the most annoying person in here. Matthew's true anger is only brought out by a select few games. He also has really bad luck with scroll wheels, just another curse he has to live with.

Notorious Garry's Mod Mouse Story

This story begins in late 2016, before Dax and Matthew even knew anyone in the Deadlock Clan. Matthew, Dax, and Noah were all playing Garry's Mod, when Dax decided to shoot innocent Matthew with admin weapons. Every time Matthew would spawn, he would be hit with an explosion and die. This eventually got to Matthew, and he proceeded to slam his mouse onto his desk, breaking the scroll wheel. He was also crying, makes sense.

Fortnite Mouse Story

Although happening awhile ago, Matthew still uses this mouse to this day. No one knows exactly when this happened, but it is told that when Matthew used to play Fortnite, he happened to slam his mouse in a fit of rage. This ended up breaking his scroll wheel, as would be expected from that kind of abuse.

R.I.P. Monitor

Matthew's broken monitor showing the point of impact.

On July 2nd, 2019, Following an altercation in a League game, Matthew threw his mouse at his monitor in a fit of rage, breaking its right side beyond repair.


During a custom board game on Tabletop Simulater, Matthew landed on a spot which forces him to masturbate to continue the game. Matthew was playing in VR whilst this happened, and never took his headset off. Needless to say, the group was able to see him jacking it in-game. Videos can be found below.

Matthew's Channel Arcs

Since Matthew does not have multiple channels like Jt, we break his channel into arcs.


This is the depths of the channel, the original, the first. It's actual dog shit, there's no real comedy, but it holds for some laughs. This being the only reason all videos from this era have not been deleted. Videos from this arc included Beyblade videos and horrible intros.


This is just shitpost era. Most of the videos created in this era are with just Noah and Dax. This was also the era of baby voice Matthew (Not that it's much better now). There's is no single game that the videos consist of, but it's just a wide area of games.


This is the death of Matthew's channel. The only video made with this username was a video making fun of Michael, but that video is private for a terrible reason.

Deadlock Tournament Standings

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament

5th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament II

5th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament III

6th Place