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Kenny doing... something.
"I did get scared and started shivering..."
- Kenny, Kenny v Michael.

Kenny, also known as LucianDot, has been in Deadlock for a short amount of time but is treated like a member. Kenny had disappeared for quite some time but has returned as of December 26th, 2018.

Introduction To Deadlock

Kenny, was introduced to Deadlock by Dax.

About Kenny

Kenny is the first Canadian member in Deadlock. Kenny was once a Roblox addict and has spent over $30 on the game. Kenny then played Rainbow Six: Siege with a couple of members of Deadlock until his computer was taken away by his aunt. Kenny now plays on a dysfunctional laptop that cannot run most of his games. One of his major accomplishments is playing Dora the Explora in a play for second graders.

Kenny playing Dora.


Kenny v Michael

For more information, visit the full article at Kenny v Michael.

In early 2019, Kenny and Michael got into a small-scale fight.

Deadlock Tournament Standings

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament

5th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament II

7th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament III

8th Place