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Kenny doing... something.
"I did get scared and started shivering..."
- Kenny, Kenny v Michael.

Kenny, also known as LucianDot, has been in Deadlock for a short amount of time but is treated like a member. Kenny had disappeared for quite some time but has returned as of December 26th, 2018.

Introduction To Deadlock[edit]

Kenny, was introduced to Deadlock by Dax.

About Kenny[edit]

Kenny is the first Canadian member in Deadlock. Kenny was once a Roblox addict and has spent over $30 on the game. Kenny then played Rainbow Six: Siege with a couple of members of Deadlock until his computer was taken away by his aunt. Kenny now plays on a dysfunctional laptop that cannot run most of his games. One of his major accomplishments is playing Dora the Explora in a play for second graders. Kenny has been very depressed.... TBC

Kenny playing Dora.


Kenny v Michael[edit]

For more information, visit the full article at Kenny v Michael.

In early 2019, Kenny and Michael got into a small-scale fight.

Deadlock Tournament Standings[edit]

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament

5th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament II

7th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament III

8th Place