Kenny v Michael

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One day in early 2019, Kenny muted Michael on Discord for a seemingly indefinite amount of time and for no clear reason. While this wasn't a big issue to start, it quickly angered Michael (big surpise), and on February 13th, caused him to send inflammatory direct messages to Kenny and threaten say that he could potentially SWAT him if he wanted to. This caused Kenny to begin 'shivering' and write the following statement:


So Michael scared somebody by threatening saying he could potentially SWAT someone if he wanted to, how funny.

Long Term Effects

Despite the initial debate which sparked the creation of the Kenny Protection Squad, everyone quickly got over themselves and began speaking once again.

Brawlhalla 1v1

On 3/21/2019, Michael played a random character in a Brawlhalla 1v1 against Kenny. A live stream of this 1v1 can be found below: