EDEN Concert 2018

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The EDEN Concert 2018, part of the Vertigo World Tour, is a concert that both Michael and Jt attended, in which various antics ensued. The concert itself was great, and most of the comedy comes from the characters rather than the event.

The Deadlock Attendee's got VIP passes because they think they are better than everyone else. This allowed them to get the exclusive performance that can be seen below. It also allowed them to get a picture with EDEN, a picture that will not be uploaded because literally, nobody wants to see it, ever.


The Girl

Towards the beginning of the concert, Jt found himself standing next to a girl who was alone that he thought was attractive but instead of talking to her like a normal person he just sat there thinking about doing it. Whether this was just another example of blatant beta-ness or if he just doesn't understand the English language is unknown. Jt didn't tell anyone at the concert about this predicament until after the show was already over. This event sent Jt into a weeklong breakdown which he learned literally nothing from.

Do you play League of Legends?

Jt also found himself standing next to some cute Asian boys, and as any normal person would, he instinctively asked if the play League of Legends. You might say that's racist, but it's not because they actually did play LoL.