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The Deadlock Discord server is where almost all events related to Deadlock take place. After most major controversies the server was deleted and a new one was made sometime later. Because of this, the Discord Servers generally coincide with the ages of Deadlock. The Discord servers have been the birthplace of many running jokes throughout Deadlock, like the Kenny Protection Squad, among many others.

The Reunion/The Renescance

The Deadlock Attack on T-Series

The messages that closely followed Cortez's.

On the 2nd of February, 2019, Cortez posted a call to arms in the Discord. The message went as such:

Attention @everyone, I am alerting you all because our very way of life is at risk. Everything we have ever worked for, or could imagine working for, could be gone in an instant if we do not do our part and act. I am of course talking 
about how T "gay" Series will soon overtake Pew "Felix" DiePie in YouTube subscribers. I urge you, to not only Subscribe to PewDiePie on all possible accounts, but to spam as many servers as you can with this message (please don't). We 
need to take a final stand against our corporate overlords and show that individuals are still welcomed on YouTube. We mustn't be discouraged, we must be strong. Stand up straight, with your shoulders back, and attack on all fronts. 
Today, we are not citizens, we are soldiers, fighting in the greatest culture war of the 21st century. PewDiePie is only 50,000 subscribers ahead of T-Series, we must rise up now gamers. We must fight.
T-Series will get Deadfucked.

Of course, hardly anyone responded, and T-Series was left untouched.

The Falling Out (it wasn't)

On the 4th of April, 2019, both Michael and Matthew left the server. Both of them cited toxicity as their main reason for leaving. Michael left after being ignored, although he wasn't really ignored since there were ten people in the channel and hardly anyone could hear anything. Matthew left after getting into an argument with the entire server, the topic being whether or not wrestling is a gay sport. Despite it being objectively gay, Matthew argued the opposite, stating "You can assert your dominance through wrestling".

Michael's final message.
El Proofo.

Michael rejoined on the 6th and Matthew on the 8th, though Matthew soon left again the next day, although he joined back and then left once again. This repeated endlessly, as he got angry at nearly every person in the server.