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Dax, also known as looseleaf, has somehow remained a well-known member of Deadlock, despite not being in the middle of any of its major controversies.

Introduction to Deadlock

Dax, alongside Matthew and Noah, was introduced to Deadlock by Thedankclank12 after finding a video he liked on the Cortez Youtube Channel.

Roblox Career

Dax played Roblox from late 2011 till early 2017, he was banned due to typing explicit language to others, for example, "faggot" and "cunt". During late 2015 to late 2016 he found a gamer "girl" that became his, disappointingly, first "girlfriend" Anna. That is really the only highlight of Dax's career, however, it is rather an arc of his life than a highlight.

Dax during his Roblox career.



Dax showing how he would duel Bruce Lee.

Katie is a slim-thicc church girl who goes to church and reads her bible. Not only is her father the pastor, but she is also dating a fit Asian kid named Bruce Lee. Dax talks about his want to rub pissers with Katie on occasion. Unfortunately, his dreams will likely never come true, as he would have to fight fucking Bruce Lee to get to her.

We live in the best timeline.

Youtube Channel Arcs


This is the infamous channel, known for bringing us beautiful pictures of Dax. This is really the only channel Dax uploaded to "consistently". Despite that, the channel is absolute dogshit, and videos were filmed on a shitty Android tablet.


This was a channel created nearly 2-3 years later, playing games like Overwatch, and still, Roblox. Videos were screen recorded, and the array of content consisted of an incomplete playthrough of Castle Crashers, Overwatch elimination matches, and Roblox videos with Matthew and the aforementioned Anna. Dax has since then deleted these videos, and can't be recovered.

Deadlock Tournament Standings

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament

5th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament II

Bronze Placement 3rd Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament IV

Silver Placement 2nd Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament V

Silver Placement 2nd Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament VI

Bronze Placement 3rd Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament VII

Gold Placement 1st Place