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This page is dedicated to one of Deadlock's few Gamer Girls. Treat it with respect, or not.
"I don't think I've ever... queefed"
- Alyssa, during a livestream.
Alyssa doing a well known friendly salute.

Sister to one, Minecraft girlfriend to all.

Alyssa is the only elite girl gamer in Deadlock and is generally one of the worst at video games, though this is likely the result of her never really trying to get better at any particular game. She loves Minecraft and Chinese music, and usually has a relaxed attitude.

Piss Incident

During a school day, Alyssa sat in somebody else's piss. The foreign urine allegedly had acidic properties and began to burn her legs. Instead of getting up and away, she instead sat in the pee, crying for minutes. Ew.

Deadlock Tournament Standings

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament

6th Place

Deadlock Brawlhalla Tournament III

7th Place